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V-Ray Render Setup

V-Ray Material

  • V-Ray Diffuse Channel
  • V-Ray Reflections and Glossiness
  • Fresnel Reflections
  • V-Ray Refractions
  • V-Ray Mirror Effect
  • V-Ray Glass
  • V-Ray Bump Material

V-Ray Light Material and Emit Back Effect

Making Interior Lighting with

V-Ray Light Material and IES Light

V-Ray Lights

  • V-Ray Light (Point, Sphere, Plain, Dome etc.)
  • V-Ray Ambient Light
  • V-ray IES
  • V-Ray Sun
  • V-Ray Sun with Daylight System

V-Ray Camera

  • V-Ray Dome Camera
  • V-Ray Physical Camera

V-Ray Proxy

Setting up Interior Lighting

Setting up Exterior Lighting