Aspects to the course:

  • Gaining a working knowledge of CAD solid modeling (SolidWorks)
  • Theoretical concepts of engineering graphics, including orthographic projection, auxiliary views and sectioning, general dimensioning and tolerance, and geometric dimensioning and tolerance.
  1. Sketcher basics
  2. 3D sketching
  3. Part modelling
  4. Creating reference geometries
  5. Editing features
  6. Advanced modelling tools
  7. Configuration
  8. Design table/library features
  9. Import/export of files
  10. Surface overview
  11. Assembling – To make assembling ( also known as product ) that contain a number of diffrent componentsas well as additional assemblies.
  12. Sheet metal – Designing Industrial Sheet Metal Parts & intrinsic characteristics such as cutouts , bends , flanges, stamps.
  13. Bill of material and balloon tools
  14. GD&T