Personality Development2018-08-26T11:23:23+00:00

Personal Skills:
• Motivation
• Personal Empowerment
• Emotional Intelligence
• Time Management
• Assertiveness
• Building Confidence and Self-Esteem
Interpersonal Skills:
• Listening Skills including Active Listening
• Barriers to Effective Communication
• Verbal Communication and Effective Speaking
• Non-verbal Communication and Personal Appearance
• Decision Making and Problem Solving
• Group Roles and Conducting Meetings
• Building Rapport
• Negotiation
Presentation Skills:
• Preparing Your Presentation
• Working with Visual Aids and Dealing with Questions
Leadership Skills:
• Paradigms of Leadership
• Facilitation Skills

Our personality development courses offer you the chance to discover your abilities and potential. Learn about self-control and increasing self-esteem; make small changes that will have a huge benefit in your life. All courses are theoretically underpinned by ideas from psychology and counselling and are run at numerous times during the week.