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Creating Presentations
 Explore the PowerPoint workspace
 Parts of the PowerPoint window
 Plan your presentation
 Create a presentation using a
Working with a Presentation
 Create a presentation using an
existing theme
 Enter text in the slide pane
 Add and delete slides
 Create an outline
 Insert slides from another
 Rearranging slides in the slide sorter
Adding and Modifying Slide Text
 Adding text to slides
 Word Art
 Adjusting the position of text objects
 Format text
 Copy formatting using format painter
 Add bullets
 Slide Layouts
Inserting Slide Elements & Objects
 Add header and footer
 Add Photos to PowerPoint
 Use the clip Art task pane
 Crop & Position Photos
 Select shapes and objects
 Using PowerPoints new picture
editing tools
 Insert and modify images and pictures
 Scale an Image
 Insert and Format a table
 Insert a MS Excel chart
 Styles & effects
Producing a Slide Show
 Write on slides during slide show
 Slide transitions
 Add sound to slides
 Animate slides text and objects
 Hide a slide during a slide show
 Create slides and format text
 Insert slides elements
 Design, Animate & Review
 Save or undo with the Quick Access
Making the switch to PowerPoint
 Backstage View
 Keyboard Shortcuts
 Get acquainted with the ribbon
 Switch between new and old versions.
 Separate PowerPoint Presentation
files in different windows
What New in PowerPoint
 Create, Manage and collaborate with
other people.
 Enrich your presentation with video,
picture & animations.
 Trim an audio or video clip
 Use bookmarks in your audio and
video clips
 Copy & Paste animated effects from
one object to another.
 Deliver and share your presentations
more effectively
 Broadcast your slide show
 Identify and resolve accessibility

Insert Video into PowerPoint presentation
 Introduction
 Embed and Link to a Video
 Size a Video
 Playback Options
 Insert a video from website
 Choose a Layout, Insert a picture, and
apply a theme.
 Add more slides content and use
 Finalize your slides & notes
 Save, share & Print.
Charts & SmartArt in PowerPoint
 Visualize text with SmartArt
 Insert New SmartArt
 Visualize Data
 Insert a Column chart
 Other chart examples
 Customize a chart
Animators & transitions
 Getting started with animations
 Animate text, charts and shapes
 Apply an animation to all slides
 Animation timing
 Change order & Effects
Keyboard Shortcuts
 Use access keys in dialogue boxes
 Use key combinations
 Keys for creating new files and slides
 Keys for working with text
 Keys for shapes & objects
 Keys that start and stop a
Tips & Techniques
 Start PowerPoint- Templates- Slides
from Bullet
 Crop-Zoom-Reuse
 Sorter View-Screenshot-Clipping
 Show or hide the Ribbon-Quick Access
 Active Content
 Enable Content
 Trusted Documents
 Protected View.

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