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Days Grammar Vocabulary Conversation
1 Present & Past The Physical world Where are you from?
2 Present Perfect & Past Weather How was your vacation?
3 Future The body & movement Do you remember me?
4 Modals Describing appearance I like your style
5 Passive Describing Character Family
6 Reported Speech Feelings Returning a shirt
7 Reported Speech, Question & Auxiliary Verbs Growing up Do you have a pet?
8 Questions & Auxiliary Verbs, -ing & the infinitive Daily routines & the place where you live What kind of food do you like?
9 -ing & the infinitive, Articles & Nouns Everyday Problems & Money Planning a trip
10 Articles & Nouns, Pronouns & Determiners Health Hobbies
11 Pronouns & Determiners, Relative Clauses On the Road, Notices & Warnings First time to meet
12 Relative Clauses & Prepositions Jobs, Talking about your work What would you like to have?
13 Prepositions & Adjectives & Adverbs Making a career & working in an Office Have you ever travelled?
14 Adjectives & Adverbs & Conjunctions & Prepositions Running a Company, Business/Finance My house was robbed
15 Conjunctions & Prepositions Air Travel, Hotels, Restaurants, Sightseeing Asking information on the phone
16 Review of Grammar & Vocabulary Building Exercises Newspapers & TV Shopping
17 Review of Grammar & Vocabulary Building Exercises Phoning & Texting How expensive is France?
18 Review of Grammar & Vocabulary Building Exercises Phrasal Verbs May I know
19 Review of Grammar & Vocabulary Exercises Email & Internet Why are you crying?
20 Review of Grammar & Vocabulary Building Exercises Functional Language, Apologies, Requests, Thanks, Likes, dislikes, preferences, greetings & farewells What can you do?
21 Grammar & Vocabulary Assessment Concepts, time, numbers, distance What are you doing tomorrow?
22 Role-play Word formation
23 Presentation Prefixes, suffixes, Nouns & Verbs with the same form, compound nouns
24 Review
25 Assessment Test

In our intermediate online English course you will develop greater control of English grammar, including more sophisticated areas like conditionals. You will be able to express and understand key information about typical situations such as work, school or leisure.