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Introduction to Sketchup
 Project Unit Setup
 Basic Shapes like Circle, Rectangle, Rotated Rectangle, Line, Arc etc
 Press Pull Command to make 3D
 Offset Command
 Practical use of Follow me Tool
 Scale and Stretch Selected Entities
 Move and Rotate Entities
 Array the Object
Group and Components in Sketchup
 Make a Group
 Create a Block using Component
 Edit Component and Group
 Difference between Group and Component
Views in Sketchup
 Perspective view
 Left View
 Right View
 Back View
 Top View
Sections in Sketch up
 Activate Section Tool
 Place Section
 Section Cut
 Section Display
Solid Modeling Tools in Sketch up
 Make solid
 Solid operations

Import and Export
 Import CAD 2D to SketchUp
 Develop 3D From CAD Plans
 Import CAD 3D to Sketch up
 Export from Sketchup to CAD as 2D and 3D
Dimensions and Measuring
Tools  Dimensions
 Tape Measure Tool
 Protractor Tool
 3D Text
 Setting the Drawing Axis
 Pan and Orbit Tool
 Position Camera and take Interior and Exterior Views
 Create Scenes
 Play Scenes Animation
 Set the Scene Delay
 Export as a Video Files
Layers in Sketchup
 Create Layers
 On / off Layers
 Change Layers using Entity Info
 Hide and Unhide Layers
Material Creations
Import Jpg Image and use as a Material
Styles in Sketch up
Shadows and Fog
Match Photos
Intersect Faces
3D Ware House

Advanced Modeling in Sketchup
 Create own Libraries in Sketch up
 Template Creation in Sketchup
 Camera Tools
 Photo textures
 Sand Box Tools
 Contour Creation using Google Tools
 Create land from Contour
 Creation of Dynamic Block
 Print and Layout Setting
 Quantity Report
V-ray for Lighting and Rendering
 V-ray Settings
 V-ray Sun and its Settings
 V-ray Mirror Material
 V-ray Glass Material
 V-ray Reflective Floor Material
 V-ray Light Material
 Omni Light
 Rectangular Light
 Spot Light
 Sphere Light
 Dome Light
 IES Light
 V-ray Mesh
 Batch Rendering