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DIALux can do more than you think. With DIALux you can carry out all lighting technology calculations and issue normative documentation to fulfil all the important lighting standards, which is of course taken for granted with lighting technology software. But over and above that it is so easy to create visualizations and animations to gain a photorealistic impression of a room you can compare different ways of lighting a room and observe the different lighting scenes. And with the variety of outputs provided you can react quite individually to the requirements of the customer.
Here you can see at a glance the benefits of the Training:
Learn about all the features and functionalities of DIALux
Indoor and outdoor lighting
Practice-oriented exercises with personal and individual support

Using the DIALux light assistant
 DIALux interface – what can I find and where?
 importing CAD-plans (.dwg or dxf file)
 Creating an indoor or outdoor scene
 Positioning furniture and objects
 Coloring and texturing surfaces
 How to use DIALux luminaire plugins
 importing any manufacturer’s luminaires
 Positioning and configuring luminaires
 Configuring basic settings
 Creating furniture and objects
 Importing and exporting the objects created
 Importing textures
 Light color and surface color
 Creating different light scenes
 Sunlight and daylight calculation
 How to handle calculation surfaces
 Organizing the calculation results
 Exporting CAD-plans (.dwg or .dxf file)
 Animations (camera motion)
 Emergency lighting
 Street lighting
 Visualization with the integrated ray tracer