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New Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals (210-451)

Course Outline

  1. Cloud Characteristics and Models
  • Describe common cloud characteristics
  • Describe Cloud Service Models
  1. Cloud Deployment
  • Describe cloud deployment models
  • Describe the Components of the Cisco Inter cloud Solution
  1. Basic Knowledge of Cloud Compute
  • Identify key features of Cisco UCS
  • Describe Server Virtualization
  1. Basic Knowledge of Cloud Networking
  • Describe network architectures for the data center
  • Describe Infrastructure Virtualization
  1. Basic Knowledge of Cloud Storage
  • Describe storage provisioning concepts
  • Describe the difference between all the storage access technologies
  • Describe basic SAN storage concepts
  • Describe basic NAS storage concepts
  • Describe the various Cisco storage network devices
  • Describe various integrated infrastructures

Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration


Course Outline

  • Cloud Infrastructure Administration and Reporting
  • Configure users/groups and role-based access control in the portal, including basic
  • Perform virtual machine operations
  • Deploy virtual app containers
  • Chargeback and Billing Reports
  • Describe the chargeback model
  • Generate various reports for virtual and physical accounts
  • Cloud Provisioning
  • Describe predefined Cisco UCS Director-based services within the Cisco Prime Service Catalog
  • Describe provisioning verification
  • Deploy preconfigured templates and make minor changes to the service catalog offerings that do not affect workflows or services


  • Cloud Systems Management and Monitoring
  • Identify the components of Cisco Prime Service Catalog
  • Describe the components of Cisco UCS Director
  • Describe Cisco UCS Performance Manager
  • Describe the components of Cisco IAC
  • Perform cloud monitoring using Cisco Prime Service Catalog, Cisco UCS Director, Cisco Prime infrastructure
  • Create monitoring dashboards


  • Cloud Remediation
  • Configure serviceability options
  • Interpret Logs for root cause analysis
  • Configure backups

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