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Days Contents
Module:- 1 (English for Telephone)
1 Making calls, Receiving & taking Messages
2 Making Appointments
3 Transferring Information/ Closing a Call
Module:- 2 (English for Presentations)
4 What makes a good Presentation?
Starting, Signaling , Highlighting
5 Engaging the Audience
6 Visual aids, Body Language, Communicating style
7 Closing a Presentation, Handling Questions
Module:- 3 (English for Meetings)
8 What makes a good meeting?
9 Key Terms, Opening a meeting, giving & responding to opinions
10 Interruptions, Controlling, Asking Questions, making decisions.
11 Problem solving & vocabulary building
Module:- 4 (English for Negotiating)
12 What makes a successful negotiation?
Key terms and opening- creating the right climate
13 Opening statements, Clarifying, making & responding to proposals
14 Bargaining, handling conflicts
15 Closing a negotiation
Module:- 5 (Business writing- Emails & Reports)
16 Organizing Information
17 Writing clearly
18 Business Report (Layouts)
19 Email Writing (Model Letters)
20 Getting Technical / Punctuation/ Connecting Words
21 Writing Emails & Reports (Model Emails & Reports Teaching)
22 Writing Emails & Reports (Practical Session –Writing Emails & Reports)
23 Writing Emails & Reports (Practical Session –Writing Emails & Reports)
24 Final Presentation
25 Final Presentation

All our business English courses are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and will be determined by personal/organizational requirements, existing level and end objectives.