• How to make a Blogger Account
  • How to make a New Blog
  • How to Select the name of your Blog
  • Difference between back-end and front-end of the Blog
  • How to create Posts
  • How to Edit Posts
  • How to Share Posts
  • How to Delete Posts
  • How to check Stats of Blogger (Overviews, Posts, Traffic Sources and Audience)
  • How to Publish, Approve or Disapprove Comments
  • How to Check your Earnings
  • How to make Pages in Blogger
  • How to change the Layout of Your Blog
  • How to work with Theme
  • Blogger Settings
  • How to attach custom domain to your Blogger Blog

Blogger is a platform of Google which allows you to make a free blog. Get enrolled at MCTC Dubai Educational Institute and learn how to make a blog through blogger from scratch to the advanced level.