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Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Course Overview:
Module One: Introduction
 Course Objectives
Module Two: Meaning
 Assertiveness
 Self-Confidence
 The different Styles
Module Three: Limitations and Challenges
 Negative Thinking
 Study of real life situations
 Application
Module Four: Learning to Communicate
 Difference between listening and hearing
 Questions
 The importance of Body Language
Module Five: Goal Setting
Importance of Goal
 Setting EFFECTIVE Goals
 Challenge

Module Six: Self- Recognition
 Identifying your true value
 Creating Positivity
 Strengths and Weakness-Analysis
Module Seven: Feeling the Part
 Personal Appearance
 The Importance of Body Language
 First Impressions is the last impression
Module Eight: Power of Words
 Say it Correctly
 Saying it with Confidence
 ‘I’ Messages
Module Nine: Presentations
 Extempore Speaking
 Prepared Presentations
Module Ten: Coping Skills
 Building Relationships
 Disagreeing
 Consensus
Module Eleven: Dealing with Difficult Situations
 Dealing with Difficult Situations
 Key Techniques
Module Twelve: Assessment
 Lessons Learnt
 Review, Plan and Evaluation.

At MCTC we train our participants to be assertive and self-confident in their day-to-day lives. These skills will equip you to face challenging situations both in your personal and professional life.