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Anger Management Course Outline:
Module One: Introduction
 Knowing Anger
 Workshop Objectives
Module Two: Understanding Anger
 The vicious cycle
 Fight or Flight concept
 Misconceptions About Anger
Module Three: Ways and Means
 Positive Ways of Dealing with Anger
 Negative Ways of Dealing with Anger
Module Four: Techniques
 Forewarning
 Using your Thoughts
 Relax
 Blow off Some Steam
Module Five: Isolate people from your problems
 Objective vs. Subjective outlook
 Handling the Problem
 Importance of “I” MESSAGES

Module Six: Analysing the Problem
 Healthy Disagreement
 Negotiation
 Consensus
 Solutions
Module Seven: Solving the Problem
 Thinking of a Solution
 Planning
 Getting it Done
Module Eight: A Personal Approach
 Defining Hot Buttons
 Locating your Hot Buttons
Module Nine: Triple A Approach
 Alter your situation
 Learn how to avoid
 Learn how to accept and let go
Module Eleven: Putting it All Together
 Overview
 How to put it into action
Module Twelve: Evaluation
 Review
 Lessons Learnt
 Action Plans and Evaluation

Anger Management in simple words is nothing but learning to control the factors that make you angry. In this corporate world controlling anger constructively is the need of the hour. At MCTC our skilled trainers help you focus on your success in your relationships, your career and professional growth.