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Getting started with Adobe Experience Design

  • Start Screen
  • Overview of the Interface
  • Overview of the Menu
  • Tools panel
  • Panel of Properties
  • UI kits
  • Wireframes: UI kit
  • Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Experience Design symbols
  • Layers Panel
  • XD Assets Panel
  • Prototype panel
  • Swap
  • Preview an XD prototype
  • Share your XD prototypes
  • Search Assets
  • Printing comments
  • Device Preview
  • PC version of XD

Going from Concept to Interactive Prototype

  • Use artboards
  • How to use a grid in XD
  • Create a content wireframe in XD
  • Create a wireframe in XD
  • Create a hamburger menu icon
  • Create a search icon
  • Add and format text
  • Import images
  • Use color in XD
  • Use the Repeat Grid
  • Add background blur to an artboard
  • Create a sign-in screen
  • Add interactivity to an XD project
  • Paste interactions
  • Test an XD project
  • Share your XD Project
  • Challenge 1: Add to a wireframe
  • Solution 1: Add to a wireframe

Working with Images and Vectors

  • Import content
  • Prepare Images in Photoshop CC
  • Open in Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Prepare XD content in Sketch 3
  • Prepare SVG files in Illustrator CC
  • Masking in XD
  • Advanced uses for the Repeat Grid

Build Stuff in Experience Design

  • Create a slide-in menu
  • Create a simple switch
  • Draw an icon
  • Create a map pin
  • Create a custom color palette
  • Edit an SVG Import
  • Add columns and grids
  • Challenge 2: Create an image gallery for an iPad
  • Solution 2: Create an image gallery for an iPad
  • Create element overlays
  • Fix element positions

Publishing and Developer Handoff

  • Use Device Preview
  • Use Desktop Preview
  • Sharing and commenting
  • Export assets
  • Design Specs
  • Export PDF
  • Extend XD
  • Export to Zeplin

Adobe XD is an amazing software where you can design mock-up and templates for your websites and Mobile Applications. Learn Adobe XD at MCTC Dubai Educational Institute.