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Working with Hand Sketches

  • Why render in Adobe Photoshop?
  • Scan the artwork
  • Auto-aligning oversized illustrations
  • Prepping artwork for color
  • Filling with flat color
  • Shading with Dodge and Burn
  • Color changes with Hue/Saturation
  • Saving for layouts

Rendering Faces

  • Using Dodge and Burn
  • Using illustrator symbols
  • Using a photograph

The Magic of Brushes

  • Basics of brush
  • Making a bead brush
  • Creating a graduated bead brush with Shape Dynamics
  • Making a colorful bead brush with Color Dynamics
  • Scatter brush
  • Controlling direction
  • Making boa and fur brushes
  • The perfect, all-purpose brush tip for texture
  • How to make a brush to paint hair
  • Making brushes from photos
  • Saving and loading brushes

Working with Scanned Fabric

  • Making a pattern with a scanned fabric swatch
  • Using offset to make a seamless repeat of a texture
  • Making a seamless repeat of a random pattern
  • Finding and defining the repeat in a pattern
  • Saving and loading patterns

Working with Pattern Fills

  • Filling and scaling with patterns
  • Creating clipping masks
  • Warping patterns with Warp
  • Puppet warp to wrap fabric
  • Displacing textures to create depth
  • Dodging and burning pattern fills
  • Swapping patterns
  • Organizing layers

Adding Texture with Filters

  • Using filters to add texture
  • Creating wool and flannel textures
  • Making a linen texture
  • Making a denim texture
  • Over-dyeing and aging
  • Creating a leather texture
  • Making pony or cow spots
  • How to create a camoulflage texture

Rendering Styles and Techniques

  • Sketching with a tablet
  • Making a marker-style rendering
  • How to create a watercolor look
  • Using overlay techniques to add a lace texture
  • How to add sparkle
  • Creating drop shadows vs. cast shadows

Layout Techniques

  • Creating inspiration boards
  • Making concept boards
  • Laying out croquis on boards and how to create backgrounds
  • How to save for print

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