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  • Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC
  • What’s new

Getting Started

  • What is Lightroom and why use it?
  • Getting familiar with the Lightroom Interface

Importing your Photographs

  • Creating a catalog and importing photos from a folder
  • Importing photos from a camera or media card
  • File renaming and applying a copyright
  • What is a catalog and why does it matter?
  • How to find and backup your catalog
  • The advantage of building Smart Previews

Viewing Your Images in the Library Module

  • Viewing your photos with the Grid and Loupe views
  • Using Lights Out and Full Screen view modes
  • Viewing multiple images at once with Survey mode
  • Comparing two images with Compare mode
  • Renaming and moving folders and photographs
  • Finding misplaced folders or photographs
  • Deleting or removing photogaphs
  • Viewing video files

Rating and Organizing Your Photographs

  • Working with flags, stars and labels
  • Adding flags, stars, and labels more quickly
  • Rating and ranking in the Grid and Full Screen modes
  • Filtering and finding your photographs

Grouping Your Photos into Collections

  • What is a collection?
  • Creating a collection to group images together
  • Using smart and targeted collections
  • Moving and renaming collections and using collection sets

Working with Metadata

  • Adding keywords
  • Filtering based on keywords
  • Creating and using keyword sets
  • Working with the Metadata panel and filtering
  • Using face tags for people photographs
  • Working with the Map module

Opening Images in Photoshop

  • Editing a JPEG photo in Photoshop
  • Editing a RAW file in Photoshop
  • Opening an image as a Smart Object in Photoshop
  • Including multiple images as layers in Photoshop

Exporting Your Photos

  • Exporting photographs to a hard drive, CD, or DVD
  • Creating and using export presets
  • Emailing photographs from Lightroom
  • Sending photos to Facebook and Flickr

Improving Photos with the Develop Module

  • Changing the color temperature
  • Correcting exposure problems
  • Viewing before and after previews and clipping indicators
  • Creating better black-and-white photographs
  • Synchronizing adjustments to multiple images
  • Cropping your photographs
  • Using Virtual copies
  • History and Snapshots panels and resetting the image

Fixing your Photos with the Retouching Tools

  • Learning how to use the Spot Removal tool
  • Cleaning up distractions
  • Retouching away linear objects
  • Removing spots from dust on lens
  • Reducing shadows under the eyes
  • Fixing red eye

Making Localized Corrections

  • Making gradual adjustments with the Graduated Filter
  • Using the Graduated Filter Brush tool
  • Painting in corrections with the Adjustment Brush
  • Using the Radial Filter tool to improve brightness
  • Improving the lighting with Radial Filter
  • New localized masking overview
  • Color masking on a landscape
  • Luminance masking on a lancscape
  • Localized masking portrait project

Changing and Enhancing Color

  • Fine-tuning color with the HSL controls
  • Creating a split-toned image

Reducing Noise and Sharpening

  • Sharpening your photos
  • Reducing digital noise

Correcting Lens Distortions

  • Removing common lens distortion
  • Removing color fringing
  • Making dramatic perspective imporovements
  • Using Guided Upright to straighten lines
  • Making Guided Upright corrections

Adding Vignettes and Grain Effects

  • Creating a unique look with the film grain controls
  • Adding or removing lens vegnetting

Using Photo Merge to Combine Images

  • Creating a panoramic image
  • Using multiple exposures to create an HDR image
  • Boundary Warp for better pano photos

Creating a Book Project

  • Creating collections for your book project
  • Using auto layout and viewing tips
  • Customizing the page layout
  • Adding type or graphics

Sharing Your Work as a Web Gallery

  • Creating a collection and selecting a template
  • Customizing the web gallery
  • Uploading the gallery to the internet

Building a Slideshow

  • Using a slideshow templates and customizing the layout
  • Adding a border and changing the background
  • Adding type and title slides
  • Playback options and adding music
  • Playing and exporting the slideshow

Creating Quality Prints

  • Using print templates
  • Page setup and print settings
  • Making print collections
  • Creating the print

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