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Speed Techniques

  • How to set up a start file
  • Graphic styles
  • How to make custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Use of actions
  • Offset action

Making Brushes

  • Brushes benefit
  • Double needle topstitch
  • Cover stitch
  • Zipzag
  • Zipper
  • Brush from trim
  • Editing brushes

Making Symbols

  • How to use symbols
  • Rivet and eyelet
  • Buttons: Four-hole and shank
  • Button hole
  • Zipper pull
  • Drawstrings

Working with Pattern Fills

  • Filling, scaling, and rotating
  • Making pattern fills from fabric swatches
  • Recoloring pattern fills

Drawing Jacket and Jeans

  • Jacket: Front collar
  • Jacket: Front bodice
  • Jacket: Sleeves and buttons
  • Jacket: Back
  • Jeans: Front
  • Jeans: Back

Drawing Knit Tops

  • Long-sleeve T-shirt with gathers
  • Long-sleeve T-shirt back
  • Hoodie: Front
  • Hoodie: Back
  • Hoodie: Up
  • Turtle neck front
  • Turtle neck back and sleeves

Drawing Knit Bottoms

  • Leggings
  • Joggers: Front
  • Joggers: Back and pockets

Manipulating Existing Flats

  • Leggings: Straight leg to boot cut
  • Top to dress
  • T-shirt to raglan

Professional Workflow

  • Style guides for stroke weights
  • Style guides and organizing libraries
  • Recoloring art and using multiple sources

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