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  • What you’ll learn in this course

The Role of adobe Bridge

  • Why every Adobe Creative Cloud user needs Bridge
  • Accessing Bridge from other Adobe apps
  • How Bridge is different than Lightroom
  • Switching between workspaces

Importing Images

  • How Bridge works with your hard drives
  • What file types can Bridge see?
  • Importing Images from a camera or a device
  • Previewing files

Organizing Images

  • Batch renaming files
  • Adding metadata to images
  • Creating a review session in Adobe Bridge CC
  • Rating and ranking images
  • Stacking and auto-stacking images
  • Building and exporting cache files
  • Sorting and viewing files
  • Creating a collection
  • Publishing to Adobe Stock

Working with Raw Files

  • Converting Raw files to DNG
  • Developing images with Adobe Camera Raw
  • Batch processing Raw files
  • Creating develop settings
  • Creating HDR DNG files
  • Creating panoramic DNG files

Working with Video, Audio, and Animation Files

  • Previewing video files
  • Previewing timelapse files with Adobe Bridge CC
  • Previewing animation files with Adobe Bridge CC
  • Previewing After Effects presets with Adobe Bridge CC
  • Previewing audio files

Saving Time with Adobe Bridge

  • Manually installing the Adobe Output Module
  • Creating a PDF contact sheet
  • Creating a PDF presentation in Bridge CC
  • Creating a web presentation
  • Accessing Photoshop automation from Bridge
  • Accessing Illustrator automation from Bridge

Adobe bridge is a software of Adobe which every adobe user should learn. Because you can use this software almost with every adobe software. So this one is most recommended. Get enrolled today and start learning Adobe Bridge at MCTC Dubai Educational Institute.