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  • What is Audition?

Creative Cloud New Features

  • Speech volume leveler
  • XML support
  • Dynamic Link video streaming
  • Automatic session file backup
  • Linking media
  • Copy imported assets to session folder
  • Introducing the Essential Sound panel: Multitrack
  • Essential Sound adjustments for dialogue
  • Essential Sound adjustments for music
  • Essential Sound adjustments for SFX
  • Essential Sound adjustments for ambience
  • Exporting video with Adobe Media Encoder
  • Create spoken words with the Generate Speech tool
  • Adjust duration with REMIX
  • Stacked panels and workspaces
  • Additional new features
  • Meeting 64-bit Adobe Audition
  • Comparing audio file and multitrack session workflows
  • Additional panels
  • Setting up audio hardware input and output
  • Setting up audio channel mapping

Important Audio Terminology

  • Understanding frequency
  • Understanding amplitude
  • Understanding sample rate
  • Understanding bit depth

Importing and Managing Media Files

  • Importing audio files and browsing media
  • Extracting tracks from a CD
  • Creating a new audio file
  • Recording an audio file
  • Importing video files

Working with Sound Files

  • Comparing waveforms and the Spectral Frequency Display
  • Understanding the Spectral Pitch Display
  • Making selections
  • Using the playback controls
  • Using the zoom controls
  • Adding markers
  • Using the Paintbrush Selection tool

Standard Waveform Audio Adjustments

  • Manually adjusting audio level
  • Normalizing audio level
  • Adding fades
  • Using the clipboard
  • Using Mix Paste

Adding Special Effects to a File

  • Comparing the Effects Rack with the Effects menu
  • Using the Effects Rack to combine effects
  • Understanding the power of the Preview Editor
  • Applying automatic pitch correction
  • Adjusting pitch
  • Adjusting pitch over time
  • Accessing VST plugin effects

Cleaning Up Audio

  • Using the Spectral Frequency Display to clean up your audio
  • Adaptive noise reduction
  • Simple settings for noise reduction
  • Removing a specific sound
  • Using the Sound Remover effect

Multitrack Editing

  • Creating a multitrack session
  • Navigating the multitrack view
  • Understanding the track header controls
  • Adding, moving, and removing clips
  • Staying organized with tracks colors
  • Understanding the mixer
  • The multitrack tools

Standard Multitrack Controls

  • Managing track routing and buses
  • Adjusting clip level and pan with envelopes
  • Adjusting track level over time with envelopes
  • Matching audio level between multiple clips
  • Analyzing level with the Loudness Radar Meter
  • Grouping clips
  • Stretching time
  • Overlapping clips
  • Adding fades to multiple clips
  • Applying track-based equaliziation
  • Exploring your audio with the Frequency panel

Multiple Special Effects

  • Comparing track-based and clip-based effects
  • Applying reverb or delay
  • Adding compression
  • Using presets and favorites
  • Using the mixer for track-level automation
  • Saving time with multitrack templates

Integration and Output

  • Sending a sequence from Premiere Pro to Audition
  • Sending your multitrack session to Premiere Pro
  • Saving your multitrack session to different formats
  • Burning a music CD
  • Importing XML files
  • Exporting a session to OMF and XML
  • Outputting to SoundCloud

Adobe Audition is a software for audio editing, get enrolled today and start learning Adobe Audition at MCTC Dubai Educational Institute.