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Creating Graphics and Text

  • File types and the workspace
  • Creating graphics
  • Using the Drawing tools
  • Working with text
  • Importing vector and bitmap images

Using the Library and Symbols

  • Ungrouping and manipulating
  • Creating and reusing MovieClip symbols
  • Creating button and graphic symbols

Animation Basics

  • Using the Timeline and keyframes
  • Creating a classic tween
  • Adding easing
  • Animating effects

Advanced Animation

  • Morphing objects with the shape tween
  • Creating an animated mask
  • Creating a motion tween
  • Adding 3D rotation

Exporting Graphics and Animation

  • How to export static graphics
  • Creating an animated GIF
  • Converting and exporting for WebGL

Adding ActionScript and JavaScript

  • Adding ActionScript
  • Creating HTML content
  • Adding JavaScript

Creating Banner Ads

  • Creating an HTML 5 banner ad
  • Creating a Flash banner ad

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